mainPittwater Rd MONA VALE
The mixed use retail/residential development on a prominent corner on the Northern Beaches is orientated to the North with large terraces and a deeply articulated facade.
front viewBelmore Rd RANDWICK
The site is located at Randwick in the Eastern Suburbs and the 4 storey building combines a supermarket on the ground floor with 3 levels of residential apartments above. The development is anchored by a corner element responding to the corner street address. The building uses contrasting textures in the form of rendered and face brick with split-face blockwork and a generous awning at ground level to differentiate between private and public space.
Pictures 028Coleridge St LEICHHARDT
The site is located at Leichhardt in the Inner West and involves the conversion of the existing heritage cottage on site and the erection of an attached additional structure into a Child Care centre. The contemporary attached additional structure juxtaposes the existing heritage item. Materials have been chosen for the addition to contrast with the heritage house and are to be light weight and skeletal in form.
PB230185Wentworth Ave SURRY HILLS
This commercial building close to Sydney City was built in 1917 and had tired over the years with many layers added to existing internal features. It was brought back to its former glory by stripping back to original walls, columns and the use of recycled floor boards to replace irreparable damage. The additional of a lift, new lighting and bathrooms brought the building forward into the 21st century.
PB230160Murray St, PYRMONT
The development located at Pyrmont, close to Sydney’s CBD involves the refurbishment of an existing 4 storey commercial building with a heritage listing. The refurbishment of the building is designed to conserve and enhance the existing character of the building. The removal of interim partition walls allows for greater flexibility with the provision of open planned space. The upgrading of amenity areas will improve the functioning of building. The inclusion of new recycled timber floorboards, new paint and lighting will aesthetically enhance the existing building. The building infrastructure has been renewed with new lift services, air-conditioning, electricity, and fire services.
FiveDockClubClub Five Dock
The site is located at Five Dock and the project involved the fit outs of the Three Peppers Bar and the R-bar within the club. The client’s brief required the existing, dated bars to be transformed into a lounge and bar area that would attract a young clientele. The R-bar incorporates an exciting range of colours and finishes and has been featured on the television drama series, ‘All Saints’. Backlit marble has been used throughout in combination with a bold palette of materials to create a vibrant atmosphere that encourages social interaction.
P1010309Riverstone Schofields RSL
The bland building shell was reinvigorated by incorporation of new ceiling and wall features and an external alfresco area with shade sails.

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